Saturday, 30 April 2011

Train journey to Hereford 19.04.11

by Kaz

We all met at Paddington Station with our bags to go on a train journey to Hereford via Newport Gwent.

Kaz had requested the member of the group to watch the movies listed below relating to train journeys before arriving at Paddington.

On the train, each member was issued with a notebook.

The task was to sit alone by a window and look outside, allowing the mind to drift with the scenery, observing what comes to mind. These observations were then recorded according to the three headings: 'Present', 'Past', 'Future' and written down in the notebook.

Movies given before the trip.

rfk funeral train

spirited away

london to brighton in 3.5 mins

lumiere bros

nyc metro


chemical brothers 'start guitar'