Friday, 24 September 2010

White Hart, 23.9.10

The first meeting of the group took place at White Hart Pub in Stoke Newington on the night of 23rd September. The group after picking a button with a letter marked on it, grouped accordingly to start the table soccer tournament. Among all Kaz displayed his skills on table soccer. In the aftermath, Fatos distributed the individually signed letters to all participants, including Soledad in Chile.

I am glad to welcome you to the start of Vision Forum – London Houses, aka Time Capsules & Conditions of Now. It is a great pleasure for me to have you on board and I look forward to our upcoming encounters and exclusive experiences.
As we start today with the tournament, I wish you all the best at the game with your immediate partner. As they say, let the best gain its place.
Accompanying this letter, you will receive a responsibility card, which will announce what I expect from you in taking part. You are assigned a venue or an action. Please let me list the rules of the game, before listing the facts:
- You are responsible to guide the encounter, hence construct the experience.
- You can define the time frame you need for the encounter, and responsible to inform the group beforehand on the duration. Min. 30 minutes.
- You are expected to bring in your take on of the responsibility and you are free on your input/entry. I.e. how you structure the encounter, its space-time, its nature as fiction or non-fiction, linear of multidimensional.
- You are free to define instructions for the other group members such as you can ask us to wear a specific garment, carry a specific object, bring along something to listen to, to read or to look at, or any specific behaviour or sensation.
- You can choose to study the place of planned visit – if that is your responsibility, or improvise on the instant of the moment of encounter.
- The group meets at the closest station to the venue and walks together to the venue, except the train travel to Hereford, Vipassana Retreat Centre, where the group meets at the station.
- The encounters will be audio recorded.
- After each meeting/ session/ encounter, every member of the group is expected to respond. The responses are free of medium of choice. Hence responses can be drawings, paintings, audio recording, an installation to experience, text, image, or object.
- One of the members of the group, Soledad, is positioned to be on the parallel to the project, where she will receive the audio documentation and is asked to virtually research on the venues, hence imagine the encounter within a fictive/nonfictive constellation of space-time-sound.

09 October 2010 – Freud Museum + Dinner (Jean & Kaz bring in their practice)
16 October 2010 – Sir Soane Museum + Dinner (Ole & Lisa bring in their practice)
13 November 2010 – T.S.Eliot + Dinner (Vanda brings in her practice)
17 April 2011 – Swedenborg Society (Lisa) + Dinner (Fatos & Soledad bring in their practice)
19-30 April 2011 – Vipassana Retreat (to:Kaz, from: Fatos)